3 common questions and answers about Cannabis

1. Is Cannabis a Stimulant?

Cannabis is not seen as a stimulant, but is more of a depressant. It can help you relax, feel stress-free. There are, though, some strains that can make you feel more focused.

2. Is CBD Cannabis?

Cannabis is the broad term for marijuana (and hemp). While CBD (short for “cannabidiol”) is a chemical compound that can be derived from cannabis, it does not have many of the other cannabinoids in a cannabis. In addition, CBD does not contain THC, the component that gets you the high or loss of control.

3. How Can You Take Cannabis?

Cannabis can be eaten in gummies, brownies, or steeped in teas. It can also be smoked or vaped in a pipe, glass bong, or rolled in a joint. Cannabis oils are also used on skin.